Wordwrap a string with ANSI escape codes


Wordwrap a string with ANSI escape codes


npm install wrap-ansi


import chalk from 'chalk';
import wrapAnsi from 'wrap-ansi';

const input = 'The quick brown ' + chalk.red('fox jumped over ') +
	'the lazy ' + chalk.green('dog and then ran away with the unicorn.');

console.log(wrapAnsi(input, 20));


wrapAnsi(string, columns, options?)

Wrap words to the specified column width.


Type: string

A string with ANSI escape codes, like one styled by chalk.

Newline characters will be normalized to \n.


Type: number

The number of columns to wrap the text to.


Type: object


Type: boolean
Default: false

By default the wrap is soft, meaning long words may extend past the column width. Setting this to true will make it hard wrap at the column width.


Type: boolean
Default: true

By default, an attempt is made to split words at spaces, ensuring that they don't extend past the configured columns. If wordWrap is false, each column will instead be completely filled splitting words as necessary.


Type: boolean
Default: true

Whitespace on all lines is removed by default. Set this option to false if you don't want to trim.

  • slice-ansi - Slice a string with ANSI escape codes
  • cli-truncate - Truncate a string to a specific width in the terminal
  • chalk - Terminal string styling done right
  • jsesc - Generate ASCII-only output from Unicode strings. Useful for creating test fixtures.